Food & Drink Magento Themes

Would you like to start online Food & Drink retailing? Do you think Magento eCommerce application is the best for your business? Are you looking for the most impressive designs for Magento driven online stores? You must be lucky to find our site because we offer professionally developed Food & Drink Magento Templates. All Food & Drink Magento Themes are wonderful designs for online stores that sell food and drinks. Each Magento Template may be used for Magento powered eCommerce websites. Please remember that we continue designing Food & Drink Magento Themes. So this page will receive regular updates.


Interior & Furniture Magento Themes

Do you plan to build online furniture store and sell beds, sofas, desks and other furniture online? Would you like your online store be successful? It means your website should be designed beautifully. We offer top-quality Magento Themes for interior & furniture websites. All Interior & Furniture Magento Templates have been designed by professional web developers. Each Magento Theme can be easily customized according to your needs. Our Interior & Furniture Magento Templates fit all Magento requirements. So they can be wonderful designs for your eCommerce websites.


Electronics Magento Themes

Electronics Magento Themes enable you to build electronics online stores. All Magento Templates were created by professional web developers and they can be easily edited. Each Magento Theme is perfectly integrated with Magento shopping cart. So our Electronics Magento Templates are impressive designs for hardware stores, computer shops or digital stores. Whether you’d like to sell digital cameras, office equipment, video systems or other electronics online our Magento Templates can be great solutions for your business. As we continue to develop designs for online electronics shops we are pleased to announce that new Electronics Magento Templates will be added shortly.


Sport Magento Templates

Would you like to build online sport shop? Have you chosen Magento eCommerce application to be the platform for your business? Are you looking for an attractive design for your Magento driven online store? If your answers are positive then read on. We offer the best designs for Magento driven online stores. Our Sport Magento Templates can be easily integrated with Magento shopping cart. By using our Sport Magento Themes you feel that selling sport equipment, lifting accessories or sport clothes is a pleasant and successful experience. Whatever Magento Theme you choose you’ll get a perfect design for your eCommerce website.


Fashion Magento Templates

Fashion Magento Templates are the best ready made web page designs for online fashion stores. All Magento Themes represented at this page are easily integrated with Magento application. It means our Fashion Magento Themes are the most appropriate designs for Magento driven online stores. Magento provides really a total control of all the aspects of your eCommerce website. We provide nice-looking Fashion Magento Templates. Whether you already run an online fashion store or just plan to build Magento-powered online store our Magento Themes will be incredibly helpful for you. It should be also mentioned that our collection of Fashion Magento Templates receives regular updates.


Agriculture Magento Themes

The high quality Agriculture Magento Themes offered by are modern and fully functional designs created especially for the Magento eCommerce engine. Being professionally designed these Magento templates for agriculture-related retail businesses are fully responsive and stunningly modern. Sell farm gear or vegies online with no hassle and huge investments with our fresh agriculture Magento templates!

Animals & Pets Magento Themes

Magento Themes are the designs produced for applying them to the Magento eCommerce platform - a highly efficient open source eCommerce engine. Animals & Pets Magento Themes are designed especially for animals and pets online stores. Would you like to sell pet supplies, pet meds and animal products online? Have you chosen Magento to be the platform for your online store? Are you looking for the most impressive design for your animal online store? Nothing can help you better than regularly updated collection of Animals & Pets Magento Templates. Our site is a great place to find Magento Themes for animal related online stores.


Art & Photography Magento Themes

Art & Photography Magento Themes offered here will be useful for artists, writers and photographers. Our Magento Templates can be applied for online image stores or other art & photography related online stores. We do our best to provide you with professionally designed Art & Photography Magento Themes. This is the reason why we regularly update our collection. Our Art & Photography Magento Templates are the best designs for Magento driven online stores. In fact our Magento Themes are great solutions for website design as well as website redesign.


Beauty Magento Templates

We offer high quality Beauty Magento Templates at the best prices. Our Magento Themes are designed especially for Magento application and they can be easily edited to meet your needs and wishes. Please remember our Magento Templates are the best designs for cosmetic stores and beauty stores that are powered by Magento shopping cart. We continue designing new Magento Templates for beauty online stores. Be sure to browse our Beauty Magento Templates in some time. We offer well coded and nice-looking designs only. So whatever Beauty Magento Template you choose you’ll get a professional design for your online store.


Books Magento Themes

If you are going to develop or redesign the existing one online book store, high-grade Book Magento Themes are the right solutions for you. Among them you will definitely find the desired impressive layout and the high quality and functionality. Each of these themes can be easily edited. These magento themes are integrated with Magento shopping cart and that is one more fact that can be of a great importance for you. Develop your online stores with the help of Book Magento Themes, make them noticeable and successful.


Business Magento Themes

Business Magento Themes are awesome ready-made shopping cart solutions for business-related online stores. If you want to sell stationery, offer packaging solutions or provide business accessories online - these responsive business Magento templates are definitely worth looking at.  Each of these premium quality Magento themes is modernly designed and perfectly functional, you can see every detail of any template here in its live demo.

Cafe and Restaurant Magento Themes

Cafe and Restaurant Magento Themes gathered in this category are professional web templates for Magento eCommerce engine made to accommodate cafe and restaurant-related online stores. If you need a fully functional shopping cart solution with modern and fresh design, fully responsive layout and perfect structure - you are in luck, because we provide the bestCafe and Restaurant Magento Themes here!

Cars Magento Themes

Cars Magento Themes can be great solutions for your online business project. These templates were created by professional web developers and they can be easily edited. They can be simple and effective solutions for any kind of car companies that are going to start their online business. The impressive look of your site and its functionality can be easily achieved with the help of Cars Magento Themes. Don’t miss your chance to make your online project powerful with our themes!


Christmas Magento Templates

Christmas is special for everyone. People decorate homes, doors, yards, and various other things to celebrate how wonderful Christmas is. So why don’t you decorate your online store as well? Christmas Magento Themes are wonderful designs for Christmas online stores. Whether you sell Christmas gifts or not your online store can get the perfect festive look. All Christmas Magento Templates are easy integrated with Magento shopping cart. Whatever Magento Theme you choose your online store will look really professional and fresh.


Computers Magento Themes

Computers Magento Themes are wonderful solutions for online computer stores. These Magento Templates will bring your online computer store a fresh and professional look. The collection of Computers Magento Themes you browse now will be regularly updated with new designs. So, you can come back to our site again and again and browse new Magento Templates for online computer stores. Our Computers Magento Themes may be used for website design as well as website redesign. It means you can switch to any Magento Template from our collection if it looks better than your present design.


Education Magento Themes

Education Magento Themes from are expertly created web designs for Magento CMS to provide online store owners with the best shopping cart functionality and online experience. Magento is a great eCommerce solution, one of the most popular products on the market today. If you choose Magento to run your education-related online store then these responsive Education Magento Templates are most certainly worth consideration.

Entertainment Magento Themes

Entertainment Magento Themes we have gathered in this category are responsive eCommerce solutions for entertainment-related online stores. Need a perfectly functional shopping cart? Want your store to have modern design and user-friendly navigation? These entertainment Magento templates have it all perfectly mixed!

Family Magento Themes

Family Magento Themes are aimed to become family-oriented online stores with modern design and full Magento functionality. Magento is a popular eCommerce solution that works great with both big and small online stores, selling digital or physical products, or both.

Flowers Magento Templates

Would you like to build online flower store powered by Magento shopping cart? Do you need a fascinating design for your online flower store? We offer wonderful Flowers Magento Themes for your eCommerce website. All Flowers Magento Themes available at our site can be easily integrated with Magento application. Our Magento Templates offer a quick, easy and cheap way to have your online shop up in notime. Don’t forget that we go on developing nice-looking Magento Templates; they will be added to our collection shortly.


Games Magento Themes provide Games Magento Themes at the best prices. These professional Magento templates are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, easy to install and customize. These Games Magento Templates are meant to become stylish and functional games online stores. If your business is in the game industry you can be sure you won’t find better templates for your online presence!  

Gifts Magento Themes

We offer professionally designed and nice-looking Gifts Magento Themes only. All Magento Templates you are browsing right now can be applied for online gifts shops. Perfect Gifts Magento Themes can be recognized by being easily integrated with Magento shopping cart and from being easy to customize. As our Gifts Magento Templates meet all these criteria they are the best designs for online gifts stores that are powered with Magento. It should be also mentioned that our collection of Gifts Magento Themes will receive regular updates.


Hobbies & Crafts Magento Themes

Hobbies & Crafts Magento Themes from are ready-made designs for Magento-powered online stores specializing on hobbies and crafts related products. Every responsive Hobbies & Crafts Magento Template provided here is a professionally developed eCommerce solution aimed to make your online retail life easier and the business more efficient.

Hosting Magento Themes

Looking to renovate an existing hosting website powered by Magento? Or want to create a new hosting business online with the help of Magento shopping cart solution? Hosting Magento Themes from are great for both those options! The professional quality Magento templates are stylishly designed, fully responsive and perfectly functional. Just look into the live previews to see with your own eyes!

Jewelry Magento Themes

Impressive designs for your online jewelry stores you will certainly find within this collection of Jewelry Magento Themes. Professionally developed, they offer you not only the highest quality, but also the thought-out layout. Creative approach to the design will bring your website the desired bright look. Our web designers continue producing Jewelry Magento Themes and this page will receive regular updates.


Media Magento Themes

If you are looking for the ways of renovating of your online project that deals with media business, this collection of Media Magento Themes is especially for you. Our professional designers have tried their best to create the high-grade product that will meet all the requirements of your online business. Impressive design and the professional execution is the very thing you need in order to create a successful online project. Besides, our collection of Media Magento Themes is updated regularly.


Medical Magento Themes

Medical Magento Themes represented at this page are the best solutions for medical online stores. Terrific design, splendid usability and fascinating appearance of our Magento Themes make them the best designs for medical-related online stores. Our Medical Magento Themes can be easily integrated with Magento shopping cart. Use Medical Magento Templates offered at this page and start your online drug store in no time. Each Magento Template we offer can be easily edited to meet your needs and wishes. Whatever Medical Magento Theme you choose you’ll get a perfect design for your eCommerce website.


Military Magento Themes

Military Magento Themes provided in this category are the best eCommerce solutions for military online stores. Modern design, usability and user-friendliness are among the main features of these pro quality Magento templates for military stores.  Our military Magento themes are obviously easy to integrate with Magento shopping cart, they are easy to customize and install. Being professionally created these responsive Magento templates have exceptional modern design and valid code.

Music Magento Themes

Music Magento Themes we offer here are created especially for online music stores powered by Magento. If you’d like to successfully sell music and music-related products online, these professional Magento templates are definitely worth looking at. Modern design complete with incredible Magento shopping cart functionality, valid code and 24/7 tech support are just a few things that come with these stylish Music Magento Layouts.

Real Estate Magento Themes

Real Estate Magento Themes provided by are the best ready-made solutions for real-estate related online stores. Awesome modern design, great usability and intuitive navigation of our Magento templates make them the best online store templates for real estate businesses. OurReal Estate Magento Themes are flawlessly integrated with Magento shopping cart. Each Magento theme here is exceptionally easy to edit to meet your project’s needs.

Religious Magento Themes

Religious Magento Themes from are responsive shopping cart solutions for religious-themed online stores. The professional design along with the flawless Magento functionality are sure to create the best user experience both for you as the store owner and for your customers.

Security Magento Themes

Want to renovate an old security online store powered by Magento? Or maybe you’d like to create a brand new online store providing security solutions or security-related products? Security Magento Themes from are the best professional Magento solutions for both those purposes! Flawlessly designed and fully responsive these Magento templates are also perfectly functional and easy to customize. If you’d like to see the details of a particular template closer - each of our high quality Magento themes has a live preview.

Software Magento Themes

Software Magento Themes provided by are ready-mage professional solutions for online sotres that specialize in software. Magento is a great shopping cart engine that allows for flawless distribution of both physical and digital products. So if you plan on creating a successful software online store these professional quality Magento templates are a great choice.  

Tools & Equipment Magento Themes

If you are going to create the online shop for tools/equipment products, you can easily do it on the basis of Tools & Equipment Magento Themes. It is the right choice that will help you to present all your products in the best possible way. Besides, it will be easy to configure and customize your site created using these magento templates. Your online shop should become effective and it is easy to succeed in it with the help of our Tools & Equipment Magento Themes.


Travel Magento Themes

Travelling is the best way to get rid of the boring days and low mood. The starting point of your travel can be a site devoted to trips, journeys and things of this kind. You can easily create the site devoted to traveling on the basis of our Travel Magento Themes. Their colorful layout will catch attention of the visitors without a doubt. They are all worked out taking into consideration your business needs. On the basis of these templates you will be able to bring into reality you dream about effective and impressive online presence.


Wedding Magento Themes

Wedding Magento Themes from come in various styles and have various types of layouts but absolutely all of them are fully responsive and modern. Created by a team of professionals these Magento templates for wedding stores are made to be easy to customize and run an online store with.